Fujipoly / ModRight Extreme System Builder Thermal Pad Blister Pack - 60 x 50 x 1.5 - Thermal Conductivity 11.0 W/mK

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Product Description

A custom cut piece of EXTREME thermal pad! This is the cream of the crop for thermal pads. With a 11.0 watt/mk thermal conductivity these pads will pull heat away from your important components! Both sides have a protective plastic that can be peeled once ready to apply. Don't be left without when knee deep in your next build!

ModRight Brings a rigid blister pack to Fujipoly to ensure a perfect product when shipped! Genuine Fujipoly inside!

-Cut to Fit Application
-Prep Surface
-Peel Protective Film From Both Sides
-Apply Pad
(either side can be used down)


  • Extreme Quality
  • Above Standard Thermal Conductivity
  • Easy to Use
  • Easily Cut / Altered for All Applications


Thickness: 1.5^±0.1 mm
Thermal Resistance: 0.21 °Cin^2/W
Color: Gray
Thermal Conductivity: 11.0watt/mk
Volume Resistivity: 7.0 x 10^3 M Ohm(m)
Withstand Voltage: 11kV/mm(AC)
Specific Gravity: 3.3gr/cm^3
Hardness: <50 Shore 00
Elongation: 40%

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