ModRight FilterRight 200mm Clear Aluminum Fan Filter (Cooler Master HAF / ATCS 840)

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Product Description

ModRight now brings you the highest quality fan filter to date! Unlike plastic fan filters, the aluminum meshing used here allows for more air to pass through while still preventing dust particles from reaching the inside of your PC. This filter is made of a two piece design which allows the easy removal of the mesh for easy cleaning without having to take off the entire filter. Not only does this filter perform great, we made the filter mounts in popular colors to give it that extra kick. This way, these filters will look good and help keep your PC clean.


Mount Hole Dimensions: 154mm x 154mm
Included: Grill
4 x Mounting Bolts
4 x Mounting Nuts
Compatible Fans: RV-LVS-07AK
A23030-10CB-3DL-L1 (Blue and Red LED)
Compatible Chassis: Cooler Master ATCS 840
Cooler Master Cosmos S
Cooler Master HAF-932
Cooler Master HAF-922
Cooler Master Storm Sniper

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