Black-Out Cables

The ModRight Black-Out Series is all black connectors, all black wire, and all black construction!

The ModRight Black-Out Series was created to cut right to the chase. No one really wants to see wire cable colors. Furthermore some people don't want to sleeve their cables or pay more for pre-sleeved cables. They simply want a cable that functions and doesn't distract from the rest of the hardware. Then steps in the Black-Out Series! The all black design will disappear in your case sending power and data where you need it without drawing attention to itself! The best part is these cables are priced right!

Black-Out Cables Categories

Black-Out Fan Cables
  BlackOut 3-Pin Adapter BlackOut 3-Pin Extension BlackOut 3-Pin Splitters
  BlackOut 4-Pin Extension BlackOut 4-Pin Splitters BlackOut PWM Extension
  BlackOut PWM Splitters  
Black-Out PSU Cables
  BlackOut 24-Pin Extension BlackOut 6-Pin Extension BlackOut 8-Pin Extension
  BlackOut EPS Adapter BlackOut EPS Extension BlackOut PCI-E Adapter
  BlackOut SATA Adapter  

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