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ModRight is constantly trying to expand what is available to the modern case modder. The brand is innovative design married to quality materials. Our experience as avid computer modification enthusiasts since the early days of the trend allows us to build upon the past and lead the industry into the future with new and intriguing designs. We are always expanding our line and pushing the envelope!

ModRight's first foray into the modification market started with high quality, 2 piece Aluminum fan filters. Sturdy, washable and attractive, they set the standards that ModRight is now known for.

Since then we've expanded our line to include an assortment of modding related products. The ModMesh panels allow enormous cooling vents to be added anywhere on your case, providing an attractive, porous metal barrier between your hardware and the world.

Plus, our new Single Braided cables extend the functionality of your power supply in an aesthetically pleasing and high-airflow design. Each wire is individually sleeved and sealed with heat-shrink, allowing for easier airflow and a unique, braided look to the cables, The Single Braided cables come in a variety of styles: PSU adapter cables, SATA power cables, PCI-E extension cables and 24-pin motherboard extensions are just some of the cables available.

We at ModRight will continue to adapt and expand our product line, coming up with better solutions for our customers' projects. Our dedication to functional and visually striking computer modifications will always remain at the core of our mission.

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